Dive into the future of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity that not only fortifies your infrastructure but converts potential losses from cyber threats into a new source of revenue - marking a significant leap forward in how businesses manage and perceive cybersecurity investments.

AuthLN is the most versatile tool in the cybersecurity arsenal, leveraging economic principles backed by PoW.

Our cybersecurity system operates independently of third-party intermediaries, ensuring unauthorized access attempts are free from counterparty fees and focus on the simplicity of the financial deterrent.

Zero-Trust Cybersecurity

Replacing Logic with Economic Principles

By introducing a genuine zero-trust solution that requires a cost to access networks, AuthLN shifts cybersecurity prevention from reactive to proactive. This enables companies to enforce policies more effectively while also potentially profiting from thwarted attack attempts and policy violations.

AuthLN leverages a decentralized, immutable, and feeless network to introduce an instant and cost-effective barrier for network access. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, our solution imposes a cost barrier that offers unparalleled security and flexibility, creating an absolute zero-trust solution from the most powerful and decentralized computing network on the planet. Transactions are instant, feeless, energy-efficient, and immune to fraud. There has never been anything like it.

Specifically designed for authentication management and session policy compliance, our solutions protect against malicious actors by turning the tables on them. All users will be accountable for their actions.

Absolute Zero-Trust

Instant and Immutable Transactions: Transactions are completed instantaneously and are immutable once processed. This not only enhances the speed and efficiency of our security measures but also ensures an added layer of trust and reliability in the system's financial operations.

Final Settlement: The immediacy and permanence of these transactions mean that potential attackers are immediately held accountable, with no recourse to reverse or dispute unauthorized access attempts.

Monetizing Security

Transforming Cyber Threats into Financial Assets: Our revolutionary system offers a paradigm shift that allows organizations to transform a traditionally defensive cost center into a profit-generating asset. By imposing a cost on these attempts, not only do we deter potential attackers with financial disincentives, but we also create an opportunity for businesses to profit directly from any attempts that occur.

Offsetting Cybersecurity Investments: The value absorbed from attackers can significantly offset ongoing cybersecurity expenses. This innovative approach provides a dual benefit: enhancing security measures while simultaneously alleviating the financial burden associated with maintaining and upgrading cybersecurity infrastructure. Organizations can reinvest these funds into further security innovations, creating a virtuous cycle of improvement and financial return.

blue and white light streaks
blue and white light streaks
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blue and white smoke illustration
Colorful software or web code on a computer monitor
Colorful software or web code on a computer monitor

Network Security

Powered by Energy: The immense power that backs our system is derived from a decentralized digital network. This digital fortress, boasting over 12 gigawatts of power, is the most powerful network on the planet. To put this power output into perspective, it would require 12 nuclear power plants running simultaneously, at full capacity, to even attempt to infringe on the network, and this number is rising every day.

Decentralized Enforcement: Millions of mining devices around the world contribute to its security. All of them adhere to the same consensus rules to participate, making it impossible for any single entity to compromise the network, thereby enhancing its robustness against attacks and unauthorized changes.

Secured by Hash Rate: Millions of specialized CPUs and hardware systems, decentralized around the world, contribute to AuthLN's security. All of them adhere to the same consensus rules to participate, making it impossible for any single entity to compromise the network, or invalidate the authenticity of our PoW Keys; thereby enhancing the robustness of our network against attacks and unauthorized changes.