AuthLN empowers networks to enforce access and policy using physical power.

Elephant in the industry

While bad actors have the advantage of time in cyberspace, they are also aware that there is very little a service provider can do to stop them.

Sure, you can implement the most advanced logical constraints, backed by "zero-trust" enhancements, but they still find a way. And they are never going away.

Proactive Cybersecurity

AuthLN presents an unprecedented approach: we empower networks to intentionally invite bad actors in.

The catch? They must pay for the privilege. Not just pay, they must exchange their dollars for Proof-of-Work Key and then stake that key up.

AuthLN equalizes the digital playing field, reinstating the principle that all are welcome, but at their own expense.

Policies and rules will be strictly enforced, and the bad actors will bear the cost.

Want to talk?

This can be a mind-bender, we get it. We are new, so we are stealth.