AuthLN offers two cybersecurity solutions powered by decentralized, proof-of-work technology.

These innovations introduce a real zero-trust solution by requiring a cost to access networks. Forget what you think you know about typical decentralized currencies and let’s focus on the essence of Decentralization, Proof-of-Power, Immutability, and Scarcity. This type of technology creates a paradigm shift in the foundation of cyber-security.

AuthLN shifts cybersecurity prevention from reactive to proactive, enabling companies not only to enforce policies more effectively but also to potentially profit from thwarted attack attempts and policy violations.

Specifically designed for authentication management and session policy compliance, our solutions offer protection against malicious actors by turning the tables on them. All users will be accountable for their actions.

Cyber Paradigm Shift

Shifting cybersecurity prevention from reactive to proactive opens up an entirely new arena of products and services that impose physically prohibitive costs on attackers. We call this “Cyber-Sovereignty,” and this industry begins where cybersecurity ends.

Cyber-Sovereignty (noun):

A state in which a digital network policy, resource, or identity is defined, safeguarded, and upheld within cyberspace through the exertion of power to physically restrict and control access.

Our mission

Our mission is to challenge the status quo by creating a balanced environment where safety and freedom coexist, enabling users to explore, interact, and innovate at their own risk. We stand against the unchecked activities of bad actors that undermine user experiences, advocating for a more open, equitable, and user-centric internet

Our vision

We seek to restore the internet to its original state of free information exchange. We believe in empowering users to navigate the digital world freely, without the constraints of excessive monitoring and the countless occurrences of account suspensions.